Welcome to Innova Clinical Trials

Innova Clinical Trials specializes in conducting Phase II-IV outpatient clinical trials. We have earned a reputation for patient safety, strong trial enrollment, and clean data, as well as maintaining an excellent protocol and regulatory compliance record.

Our study teams are experienced and effective. All are trained in our time tested methods and have excellent trial management skills, forming the core of our site. Our Site and Medical Directors have a combined 37 years managing successful Psychiatric Clinical Trials for many Sponsors and CRO's.

Innova Advantage

Internal QA/QC Monitoring

Innova's QA department performs 100% data verification before any monitoring visit takes place and systematically throughout the study. Our experienced approach generates cleaner data, improves patient safety, and helps Sponsors and CROs meet trial timelines and data locks more effectively.


Patient Safety and Privacy

While recruitment and retention are necessary components of a successful trial, we maintain patient’s safety and privacy as our number one priority. All investigators, coordinators and staff follow strict guidelines to make sure that all of our patient’s rights, both in terms of safety and privacy, are protected at all times.

Reliable Subject Recruitment and Retention

Our multilingual subject recruitment team ensure we consistently meet and exceed enrollment goals. A robust database, proven media recruitment strategies and an excellent health provider network contribute to identifying the best candidates for a trial. Our trial management systems and professional staff help Innova maintain strong subject retention levels from day one.

Outstanding Audit Record

We have an excellent track record, with several successful Internal Sponsor Audits under our belt and a QA team that has participated in several successful FDA Audits. We are able to maintain such an exemplary audit record thanks to our SOPs, internal training program, first-rate staff and our internal monitoring system.